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#Welcome to the PogoLocationFeeder wiki!

Brought to you by 5andr0, Ilses, excuseme, and Tensei

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NEWS Aug. 12, 8:30 PM (GMT)

Something's up on Niantic's end. Looks like more aggressive softbans & possibly actual bans? I'll post an update when I have a better idea what's going on.


Release v0.1.8 is live! I've fallen a bit behind on wiki updates (since I'm technically on travel), but the configuration page has now been updated to reflect the options available in the latest release.

(Additionally, our previous release included fixes for memory issues which would result in OOM crashes when the program was left open for a long time, but this wasn't listed in the release notes)

UPDATE Aug. 8, 6:49 PM (GMT)

And we're up again!

UPDATE Aug. 8, 6:16 PM (GMT)

The Discord feed is down once more, but know that we're looking into it!

UPDATE Aug. 7, 9:23 PM (GMT)

Hey everyone -- Discord staff were available to look at things on their end (even though it's Sunday...), so the feed is up once more! Happy botting!

UPDATE Aug. 7, 3:30 PM (GMT)

We are aware that the feed seems to be down at the moment and are looking into the issue!

RELEASE Aug. 5, 5:30 AM (GMT)

Release 0.1.4 is out! Details can be found on the releases page!

NEWS Aug. 3, 7:05 PM (GMT)

By popular request, modifying discord_channels.json will allow you to ignore channels, starting next release!

If you would like to suggest new channels for the feed, please open an issue with the header [Channel Request] and an accompanying instant invite!

NEWS Aug. 3, 2016 4:34 PM (GMT)

We released v0.1.3 earlier today, which features integration with the new PokeSnipers2 API, GUI updates, automatic version checking, and more!

NEWS Aug. 3, 2016 4:46 AM (GMT)

We will be pushing a new release through shortly -- if you see UNKNOWN_SOURCE showing up, it's time to update!

UPDATE 2, 2016 9:24 PM (GMT): integration seems to be broken with their addition of Cloudflare DDoS protection. We'll look into fixing this soon, but for now you may wish to set usePokeSnipers to false.

FEED UPDATE Aug. 2, 2016 8:43 PM (GMT):

We will be adding the "Pokemon Go" server's channels in the next release!

FEED UPDATE Aug. 2, 2016 7:53 PM (GMT):

We will be adding the "PoGoHax" server's channels in the next release!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

Master branch should be fixed, but we've noticed the .zip and .tar.gz source included in the last release was outdated. Sorry about that! In other news, we will be updating the feed to include "Pokémon Go Sniping/Botting" channels in the next release!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

Master seems to be broken at the moment, so please use the release version for the time being!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

popular request, we have added a servers page containing invites to various PokemonGo Discord servers dedicated to sniping!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

It seems like the GUI frontend may not be clearing out old entries. If you wish to leave your bot running overnight, you may wish to use the CLI version in the meantime to avoid the possibility of a memory leak. We'll look into pushing a fix if this is the case.

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

We were contacted by Discord staff yesterday about traffic issues, and they worked with us to migrate the service over to a dedicated feed ( Thus, it is important that everyone migrate to the latest release. As a further note, channel configuration is disabled for the moment -- please do not edit discord_channels.json as it is for channel name resolution only! (You can use it to change the displayed server/channel names locally, but I'm not sure why you'd want to..?)

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

If you see UNKNOWN_SOURCE, you are probably not on the latest version. These are Discord channels that have been added to the feed, but cannot have their names resolved without a client update. If you see them, don't worry -- it likely means a new release is on the horizon!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

Make sure you close any previous instances of PogoLocationFeeder. The program will automatically close (aka crash) if two servers try to claim the same port!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

PogoLocationFeeder v0.1.2 is up! This release adds contains fixes for bugs that were causing the feeder to run slowly, along with support for a future feed GUI. Our logging system has also been improved -- thanks, @excuseme!

NOTE Aug. 2, 2016:

The next release is taking a bit longer than expected, but it should still be up soon™!

NOTE Aug. 1, 2016:

We will be releasing a new version shortly which adds Trackemon integration! Additionally, a GUI feed viewer is in the works -- keep your eyes peeled!

NOTE Aug. 1, 2016:

We have released an update that should address the Discord connection issues. Please update to the latest version!


This is a standalone server that will scrape messages containing Pokémon to snipe from a Discord channel. It will parse those messages and broadcast them to connected clients as JSON objects.

NOTE: Client integration with NecroBot supported as of 4.0 release.

PogoLocationFeeder (PogoLoco, PogoFeeder) is designed to interface with NecroBot (and recent forks thereof) to allow it to automatically snipe Pokémon posted to dedicated Discord sniper channels. We additionally support receiving data from and

How to Configure

See our configuration page for details on client and server setup. Or, if you already know what you're doing, feel free to jump right in by downloading the latest release!

###Contact Discord: @Ilses#9123

Be sure to check the FAQ for questions and common issues! Otherwise, feel free to report bugs to our issue tracker, but please check for duplicates, first!

We have been contacted by Discord regarding server load issues. They will be blocking old bot accounts, and new feed requests have been migrated to a centralized server to allow for better traffic control. We are tentatively opening up donations toward hosting a dedicated server, aimed at providing correct feed outputs for Pokémon moves, IVs, and expiration dates.


We also have a bitcoin wallet : 1FeederpUZXQN6F45M5cpYuYP6MzE2huPp

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