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Common Unity resources Exceed7 Experiments uses in projects.

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E7Unity - A collection of Unity things that Exceed7 Experiments is using.

Free Unity stuff! But don't underestimate them because I have this as a UPM package on both of my real game projects. They are all actively being used and are very crucial (to me). Maybe someone else needs it, so I decided to share it for free.

This is previously submodule based, but the new era is on npm-based Unity Package Manager! So I have transformed this in th UPM-based repo. (That means I have committed all the .meta files)

The license for everything here is MIT. This repo will keeps growing or shrinking over time. When I don't like something anymore I will delete it!

I am not taking any responsibility for any problem caused by this, if there are bugs, they don't compile, or causes any revenue loss to your game!

There is a file in most folders.

Assembly Definition Files

E7Unity is segmented into E7.Unity and E7.Unity.Editor. Reference those to use it.

There is a reference to Odin Inspector in those .asmdef because some scripts allows nice drawing by Odin! But in the script there is an additional #if ODIN_INSPECTOR check. So if you don't have Odin you can safely remove the references from .asmdef.

Some scripts has been separated into their own repo


Common Unity resources Exceed7 Experiments uses in projects.






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