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hi 8bdefaf Dec 30, 2019
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using NUnit.Framework;
using Unity.Entities;
namespace E7.EcsTesting
/// <summary>
/// Base class to begin writing a world-based test. It pours all systems available in to the world, plus
/// one more system which allows you to <see cref="EcsTestBase.ForceDeltaTime"/> to change delta time of the next update.
/// You then create some entities and run `w.Update()` in sequences and check results.
/// </summary>
public abstract class WorldTestBase : EcsTestBase
public void SetUp()
public void TearDown() => TearDownBase();
private void SetUpWorld()
var allSystems =
DefaultWorldInitialization.GetAllSystems(WorldSystemFilterFlags.Default, requireExecuteAlways: false);
allSystems.Add(typeof(ConstantDeltaTimeSystem)); //Need to be added with UpdateWorldTimeSystem at the same time.
DefaultWorldInitialization.AddSystemsToRootLevelSystemGroups(w, allSystems);
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