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Sinatra Scaffold

This is a basic, lightly-opinionated, fully functional Sinatra application scaffold. It features automatically running minispec (via Guard) and a basic layout via reference to Bootstrap 3. Ruby version 2.0+ is assumed. A simple global replacement of the word Scaffold with your app name should get you up and running.

Guard auto-testing

Guard should be ready to rock, just type $ guard in a terminal and leave it running. Note this is setup for OSX Mountain Lion notifications; if you develop on something else you'll want to tweak Guard settings.

Tests are setup to run automatically when a ruby file is changed in the /app subfolder. This is not fancy, all tests are in the /spec root folder and should be named the same as your ruby file with _spec appended. So if you have a file /app/model/user.rb, it will look for /spec/user_spec.rb whenever that file changes. All specs should require_relative 'spec_helper'

Manual testing

Type thin start to run a server listening on port 3000, then go to localhost:3000 to see a hello world output.