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#5by5 (main 5by5 network chat)

#5by5craft (5by5 Minecraft server chat)

#5by5craft-mods (Moderator chat, invite only)

IRC Clients

Mac OSX: Limechat, Colloquy

iOS: Colloquy

Windows: mIRC

Basic Commands

/join #channelname

This will join your client to #channelname. For example, '/join #5by5craft' will connect you to the #5by5craft channel.

/nick nickname

This will set your username. You can use it to indicate a status, such as being away from your computer: '/nick username|afk'

Set & Register Your Username

You can register your username to avoid having it used by someone else. (For moderators, this is required to access the invite-only moderator channel.)

Use /nick to set your nickname if you haven't already. To register it, use '/ns register '. Then, check your email for a verification command. After you follow the instructions there, your nick should be registered.

Logging Into Your Nickname

To identify for your username, use '/msg nickserv identify "username" "password" '.

If you get disconnected and your username is still logged in after you reconnect, reset it using '/ns ghost '.

Joining the Moderator Chat

If you're a moderator, you can join #5by5craft-mods by logging into your nickname and then typing '/cs invite #5by5craft-mods'. (If this doesn't work, contact josephrooks to have your username added to the access list.)