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The Shadow Brokers "Lost In Translation" leak. Decrypted content of odd.tar.xz.gpg, swift.tar.xz.gpg and windows.tar.xz.gpg
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EQGRP Lost in Translation

Decrypted content of odd.tar.xz.gpg, swift.tar.xz.gpg and windows.tar.xz.gpg

Downloaded from Original post from the #ShadowBrokers

  • windows: contains Windows exploits, implants and payloads
  • swift: contains operational notes from banking attacks
  • oddjob: docs related to the ODDJOB backdoor

sha256 hashes

Original archives

  • 7c19a67d728bc700d18d2ed389a80de495681b7097222d9b8f1d696f0986f9a2 odd.tar.xz.gpg
  • 78b89b2c4b129400150c7b60a426ff469aaea31da1588d2abc4180feaa9c41d3 swift.tar.xz.gpg
  • c28d5c10ec78bc66d3868e4862c7f801ffd561e2116b529e0782bf78f3ef3255 windows.tar.xz.gpg

Decrypted archives

  • 85e03866ae7eaaedd9462054b62a10f2180983bdfd086b29631173ae4422f524 odd.tar.xz
  • df468f01e65f3f1bc18f844d7f7bac8f8eec3664a131e2fb67ae3a55f8523004 swift.tar.xz
  • 5bb9ddfbcefb75d017a9e745b83729390617b16f4079356579ef00e5e6b5fbd0 windows.tar.xz


  • EARLYSHOVEL RedHat 7.0 - 7.1 Sendmail 8.11.x exploit
  • EBBISLAND (EBBSHAVE) root RCE via RPC XDR overflow in Solaris 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (possibly newer) both SPARC and x86.
  • ECHOWRECKER remote Samba 3.0.x Linux exploit.
  • EASYBEE appears to be an MDaemon email server vulnerability
  • EASYPI is an IBM Lotus Notes exploit that gets detected as Stuxnet
  • EWOKFRENZY is an exploit for IBM Lotus Domino 6.5.4 & 7.0.2
  • EXPLODINGCAN is an IIS 6.0 exploit that creates a remote backdoor
  • ETERNALROMANCE is a SMB1 exploit over TCP port 445 which targets XP, 2003, Vista, 7, Windows 8, 2008, 2008 R2, and gives SYSTEM privileges (MS17-010)
  • EDUCATEDSCHOLAR is a SMB exploit (MS09-050)
  • EMERALDTHREAD is a SMB exploit for Windows XP and Server 2003 (MS10-061)
  • EMPHASISMINE is a remote IMAP exploit for IBM Lotus Domino 6.6.4 to 8.5.2
  • ENGLISHMANSDENTIST sets Outlook Exchange WebAccess rules to trigger executable code on the client's side to send an email to other users
  • EPICHERO 0-day exploit (RCE) for Avaya Call Server
  • ERRATICGOPHER is a SMBv1 exploit targeting Windows XP and Server 2003
  • ETERNALSYNERGY is a SMBv3 remote code execution flaw for Windows 8 and Server 2012 SP0 (MS17-010)
  • ETERNALBLUE is a SMBv2 exploit for Windows 7 SP1 (MS17-010)
  • ETERNALCHAMPION is a SMBv1 exploit
  • ESKIMOROLL is a Kerberos exploit targeting 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2 domain controllers
  • ESTEEMAUDIT is an RDP exploit and backdoor for Windows Server 2003
  • ECLIPSEDWING is an RCE exploit for the Server service in Windows Server 2008 and later (MS08-067)
  • ETRE is an exploit for IMail 8.10 to 8.22
  • FUZZBUNCH is an exploit framework, similar to MetaSploit
  • ODDJOB is an implant builder and C&C server that can deliver exploits for Windows 2000 and later, also not detected by any AV vendors


  • PASSFREELY utility which "Bypasses authentication for Oracle servers"
  • SMBTOUCH check if the target is vulnerable to samba exploits like ETERNALSYNERGY, ETERNALBLUE, ETERNALROMANCE
  • ERRATICGOPHERTOUCH Check if the target is running some RPC
  • IISTOUCH check if the running IIS version is vulnerable
  • RPCOUTCH get info about windows via RPC
  • DOPU used to connect to machines exploited by ETERNALCHAMPIONS
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