Pentadactyl and other related Gecko extensions
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binary Closes issue #698. Oct 24, 2011
common Fix keyword search parameter encoding. Feb 14, 2017
pentadactyl Bump max version. Mar 8, 2017
teledactyl Replace expression closures (command/option/mapping definitions). Jul 22, 2015
.gitignore Add Vimball archive files (*.vba) to .gitignore. Feb 15, 2009
.hgignore Add first crude binary module implementation. Sep 23, 2011
BREAKING_CHANGES Mention removal of the chrome-data: protocol in BREAKING_CHANGES. Aug 21, 2011
HACKING E4X and XML the object are really no more. Jul 12, 2014
LICENSE.txt Fix some of the more horrendous editor.js code. Oct 4, 2011
Makefile Melodactyl naming fixes 2. Oct 3, 2010