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lita handler for mange your aws services with multi-account support.
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Add lita-aws to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem 'lita-aws'

System requirement

  1. AWS-CLI must be installed, make sure your lita user can execute aws.


  • lita-aws support multiple aws accounts, configurating through aws-cli, you can use following commands to manage aws accounts.

List saved accounts

(lita) aws profile

Create or update account.

(lita) aws profile [profile_name] [region] [api_key] [secret_key]
  • profile_name: Only accept lower letter and numbers. default will set to aws-cli default profile.
  • region: AWS region, such as: ap-northeast-1
  • api_key: AWS access key id.
  • secret_key: AWS secret access key.


(lita) aws profile 5fpro ap-northeast-1 abcdefg ababcdcd


Get AWS account number.

# with default profile
(lita) aws account-id
# with specific profile
(lita) aws account-id --profile {profile_name}
# Example:
(lita) aws account-id --profile 5fpro

Execute as aws-cli

(lita) aws-cli ec2 describe-instances --page-size 10 --profile {profile_name}

That will execute as command line:

aws ec2 describe-instances --page-size 10 --profile {profile_name}

and return json.

Customized commands usage

  • lita-aws provide customized commands for re-composing json data and formatting output to human-readable response. All of these customized command will use aws as command prefix.

  • Here is the exmaple to get cloudwatch data:

Get cloudwatch metric data.

  • Get EC2 instance memory utilization from Cloudwatch.
(lita) aws ec2-memutil {Instance ID} --ago 2d --cal Average --period 300s --profile {profile_name}


2017-02-26T16:00:00Z : 45.56%
2017-02-26T16:05:00Z : 39.58%
2017-02-26T16:10:00Z : 39.32%
2017-02-26T16:15:00Z : 39.33%
2017-02-26T16:20:00Z : 39.55%
2017-02-26T16:25:00Z : 39.65%
2017-02-26T16:30:00Z : 39.72%
2017-02-26T16:35:00Z : 39.69%
2017-02-26T16:40:00Z : 39.68%
2017-02-26T16:45:00Z : 39.69%
2017-02-26T16:50:00Z : 39.68%
2017-02-26T16:55:00Z : 39.71%


More customized commands

(lita) help aws
# or
(lita) help aws elb
(lita) help aws ec2
(lita) help aws rds

(For Mac OS users) Disable double dash auto converting

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