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5G-MAG's GitHub

5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG)

Hi, this is 5G-MAG's GitHub 👋

The 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) provides a framework for stakeholders in the media and ICT industries to collaborate building solutions for the connected media world. We aim to be open, agile, pragmatic and instrumental to the industry and therefore some of our activities are publicly handled within this GitHub.


The 5G-MAG Reference Tools Development Programme is developing the ecosystem of common open software reference tools to support the implementation and interoperability of 5G Media technologies. Complete information can be found at and the 5G-MAG WG Development and Implementation.

The repositories related to the 5G-MAG Reference Tools are using the prefix rt- (context is provided here: Please refer to the README and the documentation for the project you wish to use.

🔧 Repos for STANDARDS and specifications relevant to 5G-MAG

5G-MAG maintains a GitHub repository open to the community to provide feedback on specifications, in particular, comments, bug-fixing or request for new features. Complete information can be found at and the 5G-MAG WGs Content Distribution and Content Production - Standards and Architecture.

The repository related to this activity is

📧 Contact

For general information about 5G-MAG, send us an e-mail. For 5G-MAG Reference Tools, follow the instructions here.

Enjoy! 💪


  1. Everything related to the documentation and architecture

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  2. Standards Public

    Specification related to 5G-MAG's areas of work. Tracking comments, bug-fixing, request for new features, etc.



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