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Introduction to Python, by example


This directory contains materials for the discussion section on introductory Python. The task is to download a text corpus of some sort, split it into words, and proceed to compute the counts of each word. This consists mainly of 2 Jupyter notebooks:

  • IntroToPython.ipynb: The primary notebook, with the answer cells left blank. Start here.
  • IntroToPython-Suggestions.ipynb: Same as above, but with instructor answers (suggestions) filled in.

If you don't have JupyterLab installed, you can use Binder (see badge at top of README).

Bonus challenge

As a follow-up exercise to the introduction, you can try the following exercise: The file data/top100gutenberg.txt contains the 100 most popular texts on Project Gutenberg. For each one of these URLs, load the page and locate therein the link to the appropriate .txt or .txt.utf-8 file (this may take a bit of manual inspection at first), download all 100 works to form the text corpus, and then count the occurrences of every word in the corpus.

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