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Raccoonbot's fun commands:

Animal Based Fun Commands

Cat- Shows a cute picture of a cat meow

Dog- Shows a cute picture of a dog woofs

birb- Shows a cute picture of a birb(whos doesn't love a cute birb) tweet-tweet

duck- Shows a cute picture of a duck quack-quack

Rating Commands

Hotcalc- Returns how hot a discord user is ;)

Howgay- Shows how gay a discord user is <3

Howbig- See how big someones peepee size is (Who says size doesn't matter)

Virgin- See how much of a virgin someone is

Ship- See how well 2 users ship UwU

Rate- Rates what you desire OwO

User based commands

Fight- Fight that punk kid who's been messing with you!

Hug- Give someone a virtual hug , how cute<3

Kiss- Give someones a virtual kiss, now you're being creepy

Gay- Call someone gay

F- Pay respect for a fallen discord member </3

420- Pass round a blunt with your homies


CoinFlip- Heads or tails?

Slots- Roll the slot machine (Not rigged)

Fish- Try and catch a random fish(This isnt really gambling but I don't know where to put it...)


Meme- Shows a random meme

Chuck- Who doesn't love Chuck Norris?

Joke- Shows a random joke


Password- Generates a random password string to your DMs

Lifeme- Similar to Bitlife but displays a randomized life!

Rhyme- Get words what Rhyme with your own word! Hat , Cat, Matt

Fortune- Shows your fortune cookie outcome

Saying commands

Reverse- Flips your text back to front gnizama

Spoiler- Says something , but in spoilers ||Wowza||

Say- Repeats what you want it too!

Quote- Quote a users wise, wise words

Other Commands

Genius- Get song lyrics by your favourite people

Cookie- Give yourself a cookie , your earnt it!

Noticeme- Notice me senpai

Highfive- Highfive a virtual bot, GGs in chat?

Urban- Get an urban dictionary commnand(Must be in an NSFW channel due to the nature of the website)

Boobs- See boobs, dirty boy.

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