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RaccoonBot's Moderation Commands:


Kick- Get rid of an annoying user (warning they can join back)

Ban- Get rid of an annoying user permanently

Unban- Unban a user Raccoonbot will remember that*

MassBan- Carefull about this one, this can ban multiple users at once! (With great power comes great responsibility)

Mute- Stop a user from talking (Must have a role called "Muted")

Unmute- Allows a user to talk again(Must have a role called "Muted")

Softban- Bans and Unbans a user (Similar to kicking them but removes all messages)

Message Moderation (This section consits of deleting messages , all commands are a subcommand of prune)


Embeds- Delete any embeded messages sent

Files- Remove any files sent

Images- Remove any images sent

Contains- Removes messages containing your input

Bots- Remove any messages sent by bots

Users- Removes user messages

Emojis- Removes messages containing custom emojis

Reactions- Clears any reactions

Finding Moderation (All commands are a subcommand of find)

Playing- Find a game users are playing

Username- find someones username

Discrim- Find someones disrciminator

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