Book and code: how to build and distribute applications in Dyalog APL
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The Dyalog Cookbook

Title page

A guide to organising, shipping and maintaining an application in Dyalog APL.

Written by Kai Jaeger ( and Stephen Taylor ( and sponsored by Dyalog Ltd (

This is an open-source project. You are invited to contribute using the Forked Workflow model: fork this repository to your own account, make changes and lodge a pull request to include your changes.

Alternatively, write to Kai ( or Stephen (

The project requires Dyalog APL Unicode 17.0 or later.

The manuscript is written in Markdown and converted into HTML5 by a program written in Dyalog APL.

The project contains various child folders and files; the principle ones are listed here:


  • code/

    Scripts corresponding to different versions of the MyApp application

  • manuscript/

    Files from which the chapters (read: HTML5 files) are generated.

  • HTML/

    Contains the book as HTML files, each representing a single chapter. There is also one file that comprises all chapters in a single document for searching and printing purposes.

  • texts/

    Sample texts in various alphabets. This is used as input in some chapters.


The content is tracked by Git and lives on

There is a Dyalog APL program available that takes the Markdown as input and creates HTML5 pages from it: