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Clipboard as a service.

If you're using stuff like Vagrant this might be useful.


xsel is required in $PATH. Then:

$ npm i caas -g


Standalone Service

  1. Launch the caas bin. It'll bind port 2547.

  2. Access clipboard via GET and PUT:

     # Copy:
     $ echo copy this | curl -X PUT --data-binary http://localhost:2547
     # Paste:
     $ curl http://localhost:2547

More CLI options

-p, --port  The port to bind       [default: 2547]
-H, --host  Bind to specific host  [default: ""]
-h, --help  Call for help

Embedded in your app

You can basically use it as an Express app. npm i caas locally and:

// WARNING: codez not tested.
var caas = require("caas")
  , clipApp = caas.create(caas.clipper.xsel)

// Later(still not tested)
yourExpressOrConnectApp.use("/klip/", clipApp)