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a11y Fails

An example of what not to do for accessibility.

Review the live demo >

Created by Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph)

Find the fails!

How many accessibility (a11y) fails can you find?

There are fails of all the following:

  • users with visual impairments
  • users of assistive technology
  • users with motion sensitivities
  • users who perform keyboard interaction

Fork the repo and create a pull request to submit your fixes! You can use tools like aXe but be aware that not all issues are detectable via tools.

For hints and to learn more about what it means to create accessible experiences, check out my article Introduction to Web Accessibility.

Check your answers

See the pull request "Suggested Fixes from 5t3ph" which also includes links to WCAG and articles from accessibility experts to help understand "why" a change was necessary.

Comments included in the fix PR use the following key:

  • ✅ Found with tools
  • 🚩 False flag from tools given site context
  • 🚨 Requires manual testing/review
  • 🎨 Visual adjustment, not strictly a11y related

Did you find something additional, or disagree with a fix? Submit it as an issue >

Feedback welcome!

You can file it as an issue.

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