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My fork of treyjazz/ESPS4ExploitServer to serve the 4.55 exploit files to ps4

Firstly a few requisites

The ESP Filesystem Uploader will need to be installed to tranfer contents to SPIFFS :

Install nailbusters ESP8266FTP library from here:

Upload sketch and SPIFFS using the arduino ide. Default settings will start a WiFi Acess Point named PS4Exploit, password : hackmyps4 An FTP server will be running at the IP address on the /index.html page. User : ESPS4 Password : password. FTP connection needs to be passive, maximum 1 connection and and encryption disabled. This will allow easier access to files stored in SPIFFS to edit or add new payloads.

definitely a few bugs in there, webserver will ocasionally crash and require a hard reset.

None of this is my original work, all credits to the original creators. I originally edited this project to work with firmware 4.55. I may keep this project up to date, depending on interest.

For those struggling to make this work first make sure the data folder has been uploaded to spiffs (it cant serve the webpage if it isnt there), or copied over using the inbuilt ftp server. on the PS4 side i usually use custom wifi settings if accesing the esp as an access point. ip gateway dns