My first steps in ruby - Conways Game Of LIFE. My sandbox in which I get to know ruby better...
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Conway's Game Of LIFE

New to ruby, I'm working my way through the pickaxe. A central strength of ruby is its comfortable "list processing" abilities & a grid of cells in a evolutionary scenario is just the right spot to get into this.

As you might see if you're looking through the history & branches / stashes, this is my sandbox for playing with my new toy ruby.

As I progress through the features of ruby, this implementation of LIFE evolves.


First Alpha

  • Make it work - Make it right - Make it fast/clean
    • right now it's in the "Made it work" state
    • still missing some fudamental ruby skills
      • error handling
  • logic for computing the Conway evolution
  • view to display the ticks/generations
    • ascii representation
    • graphical repr.
  • oo data model
    • exists in the cleaner_oo branch
      • nice design but slows down the game by factor 2
    • branch master
      • rough / more procedural approach, but fast
  • ui
    • cli
    • ruby-opengl

Check out the for more details. If you feel like giving feedback - right on!