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-== BlogHelper
+# BlogHelper
Having a closer look at ruby based blogging platforms like [serious]( and [toto](, I missed some functionality.
This a a collection of tools usable in both platforms.
-=== Features
+## Features
- tag your posts
- use seo friendly page titles
- use the disqus comment counter
- a workaround for seriuous allowing you to use generic yaml fields
-=== Usage
-==== Installation
+## Installation
It's a piece of cake: just use the `gem` tool to get going with the _blog_helper_: `sudo gem install blog_helper`
If you want to use features that rely on accessing the http requests, like the _tag_ feature, you'll need to use the (_toto_prerelease_)[]. Simply use `sudo gem install toto_prerelease --pre` to do so.
-==== Applying a feature
+## Usage
Piece of cake, again: all you have to do is use `<% require 'blog_helper'%>` in your .rhtml or .erb file and call the corresponding methods.

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