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facebook chat with node.js and XMPP/BOSH
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What is this?

node-im is a Facebook Chat client that I built to learn about XMPP.


Install expat libraries

sudo apt-get install libexpat1 libexpat1-dev

Install upstart

sudo apt-get install upstart

Install Node.JS and NPM

Also, install CoffeeScript globally with NPM:

npm -g install coffee-script


Clone this repository with Git

git clone git://

Alternatively, download the zip and unzip it

cd into the node-im

Install node package dependencies

npm install

Modify the upstart conf file to point to this directory (see line 11 of node-im.conf). Then, chmod and move upstart conf file to the correct directory

chmod u+x node-im.conf
sudo mv node-im.conf /etc/init/

Generate self-signed SSL certificate

cd certs
openssl genrsa -out node-im.key 1024    
openssl req -new -key node-im.key -x509 -out node-im.crt -days 999


Starting/stopping the application is very easy with upstart.

To start

sudo start node-im

To stop

sudo stop node-im

To see the status

sudo status node-im


BOSH server can be configured in the bosh.js.conf file (default port 5280).

The web server's port can be changed in (default port 3000).

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