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most of my rails apps start out the same way

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Get up and running quickly with Rails.


make sure you have new-ish version of PostgreSQL installed (and optionally RVM)


  1. git clone git:// APPNAME
  2. edit APPNAME/.rvmrc to change gemset name
  3. cd APPNAME and run bundle install
  4. git remote rm origin and then git remote add origin your-github-repo-url
  5. add upstream URL to pull in later changes with git remote add upstream
  6. run rails c, enter SecureRandom.hex(64), and copy that value to config/initializers/secret_token.rb
  7. edit config/database.yml and make DB config changes
  8. create .env and insert any secret ENV variables (e.g. API keys). Add BASE_URL=http://localhost:5000
  9. edit config/locales/en.yml to insert your app info
  10. rake db:create and then rake db:migrate
  11. create a heroku app on cedar: heroku create APPNAME -s cedar
  12. add newrelic: heroku addons:add newrelic:standard

Once you sign up, you can make yourself (or other users) and admin:

rails c
User.find_by_email("").add_role :admin

Then, navigate to http://localhost:5000/admin to administer data.


run foreman start

pulling in updates

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master
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