A curated list of crowdfunding and donation services which OSS projects can use.
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Awesome Crowdfunding Services Awesome

A curated list of crowdfunding and donation services OSS projects can use.

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

Table of Contents

One-time Donations

  • Cash.me – A service where you can create a personal payment page and accept money from anyone.
  • [DISCOUTINUED] Changetip – A platform to donate money to any person by mentioning the “ChangeTip” user in a message/tweet/Github issue etc.
  • PayPal.me – A service by PayPal where you can get a personal link to the personal payment page. Using this link people can send you donations or fund your project.

Campaign-based Funding

  • GoFundMe – A platform where you can create your own fundraising campaign for personal causes and life-events.
  • JustGiving – A world’s social platform for giving.
  • Pledgie – A service where you can create a campaign for your project and accept donations.

Recurring Donations and Funding

  • Flattr – Add a Flattr button to your project or website and people will "flattr" your work if they like it. You will get a share of their budget for you project.
  • GitFund – Helps to fund open source projects by allowing sponsors to donate money to open source projects they depend on.
  • [DISCOUTINUED] Gratipay – Register your project at Gratipay, add the badge to your project and people will be able to support your project regularly.
  • Patreon – Set up "creator account", describe what you'are doing and start receiving monthly donations from patrons.
  • Salt – Add your project and raise funding to add more development time to the project.
  • [DISCOUTINUED] Supporter – Add one or more projects and use project and personal payment pages to accept donations. Configurable project and personal badges.

Per-feature Donations

  • BountySource – Register your project and allow users to add money rewards to issues and features. You get the reward if the issue is resolved or the feature is implemented.