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YonV edited this page Jun 10, 2024 · 9 revisions

There is an easy to edit mission framework that works in conjunction with the custom mod, the purpose of the framework is to provide the ability to vary the loadouts and the ORBAT from mission to mission quickly, this was not included in the mod to avoid not having to reupload the mod to steam for every new mission.

The only files that need or should be edited to customize a mission are in the config folder:

  • Config_admins.hpp = list of steam ids used to access server admin and debug functions
  • Config_groups.hpp = ORBAT configuration
  • Config_loadouts.hpp = vehicles and supply crate inventories
  • Config_pylons.hpp = vehicle ammo and pylons customization
  • Config_roles.hpp = links to each role, and common arsenal
  • Config_welcome.hpp = what the banner says on loading
  • Squad Folders, each squad role configs should be groups into folders for easy management.