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MACscr commented Dec 7, 2012

Not 100% sure how to describe this, but with Freeswitch and, it supports multi-tenant support by using domain names. So a user would be something like Registration with Telephone seems to work fine with this as you just enter the server name as, then user as 500, then the password. The problem is that when I receive an incoming call and miss it or whatever, the call comes in as +15555555555@ip instead of So when i try to hit the redial option on that window, it then calls the server as 500@ip for some odd reason. Thus my call fails authentication. Any ideas why that might be and how we can resolve this?


Related or maybe same issue:


  • Set up three SIP accounts (can get free account from
  • Receive incoming call on second account, based on order in account configuration


  • The popup window identifies which of your accounts is receiving the call in the footer

screen shot 2014-06-27 at 9 39 40 am


  • The third account configured is shown in the footer

@MACscr Is this the same issue you are referring to?

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