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sts commented Sep 23, 2013

Numbers which start with whitespace, plus, number seem to confuse the normalization algorithm in use.

This format doesn't work:
' +43555555'

This works:

Thats pretty annoying when copying numbers from websites etc. Would be great to get a fix.

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sts commented Jun 15, 2014

Was this already released? It still doesn't work for me in 1.1.4

sts commented Jun 23, 2014

@eofster can you help me with this?


eofster commented Jun 23, 2014

Hmm, I need to check this again.

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eofster commented Jul 13, 2014

What exactly do you see? Just tried pasting “ +4412345678901” into Telephone’s text text filed for dialing. The call was made to “”.

sts commented Jul 13, 2014

Try ' +44 12345678901'. This one doesn't. Basically numbers on the internet are there in various formats and copy and pasting should work with any letter/number combination unless they messed up the 0-prefix quoting.

A leading whitespace is often in the copy and paste buffer when you select numbers from websites. My initial description was actually wrong. Sorry.


eofster commented Jul 13, 2014

I understand and agree that leading and trailing spaces must be stripped. I just can’t reproduce it.

I copied that number ‘ +44 12345678901’ with the leading space. When I paste it into Telephone’s text field, the leading space is stripped. When I make a call after that, there is no space in the beginning.

Same happens when I manually add spaces to the beginning of the number that is already pasted. After pressing Enter the spaces are stripped and the call is made to a number without spaces.

And how are you reproducing it?

sts commented Jul 13, 2014

I paste the number with a leading whitespace and another whitespace somewhere in the number. When i try to call the number, I receive: Call declined.

Once I remove the leading whitespace and trigger another call, it is set up correctly.

Version 1.0.4 (104)


eofster commented Jul 13, 2014

Oh, you’re using Telephone 1.0.4? I think, it was fixed later. Current version is 1.1.4.

sts commented Jul 13, 2014

Actually works in the latest version. I thought I'm running the latest already. Sorry for that. :)

@eofster eofster closed this Jul 14, 2014

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