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Hyperchannel (pre-alpha!)

Hyperchannel is the unhosted client application of the Kosmos project. It is based on Ember.js, connecting to IRC/XMPP/etc. via Sockethub (WebSockets + ActivityStreams), and optionally syncing configuration and user data via remoteStorage (Webfinger + OAuth + CORS + REST).

Hyperchannel is not yet ready for public use, but contributions are very welcome. If you know JavaScript, and ideally even have experience with Ember.js, it is easy to hack on any feature imaginable. Check the GitHub issues to find things you could start implementing right away.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.


Libsass Bindings

You might need to manually execute:

node node_modules/broccoli-sass/node_modules/node-sass/scripts/install.js

Running / Development

Code Generators

Make use of the many generators for code, try ember help generate for more details

Caveat: when running the model generator, make sure to adjust the unit test to not use moduleForModel, as we're not using Ember Data. See existing tests.

Running Tests

  • npm test
  • npm test -- --server (will re-run on saving files)


  • npm run lint:hbs
  • npm run lint:js
  • npm run lint:js -- --fix


(Not yet used.)

  • npm build (development)
  • npm build --environment production (production)


With push permission for the production Git repo:

  • npm run deploy

Further Reading / Useful Links

House Rules

Contributor Code of Conduct (TL;DR: Be excellent to each other.)

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