Rack handler for unicorn meant to be used with `rails server`
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Adds a super simple Rack handler for the Unicorn http server. Basically just enough to get it running when using the rails server command.


It's a rubygem, you'll want to include it in your Gemfile.


Just use rails server unicorn.

If you want to make unicorn the default rack server then you can require 'hooves/default' and boot it up with just rails server.

Config file

Hooves looks for unicorn config files in two locations.

First it looks in ~/.hooves. If that file exists then it gets passed to Unicorn as the config file.

Second it looks in ./.hooves.

We look in ~/ first because you can only pass one config file to Unicorn. If your project has a .hooves file checked in to its root and you want to have a custom config file, that might be a pain. So we look in ~/ first. That might also become a pain if you want to have different configs for different projects. Let me know and we'll find something that works.


  • This was written to work with Rails 3. Not sure what'll happen if you try it elsewhere. Let me know!