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archives a sample archive hierarchy Oct 11, 2010
bulktest temporarily save dumps in BOTH formats (a separate requests table wit… Aug 26, 2013
images blank thumbnails for patchwork.php May 2, 2013
lists not sure what this was Aug 31, 2011
.htaccess restrict use of query.php. increase caching from 1 to 7 days for most… Dec 9, 2013
COPYING copying instructions Oct 11, 2010
Makefile fix symlink dir Feb 14, 2013
about.php add note about dropping Dec 1 2013 results Dec 11, 2013
addsite.php do better detection of deep URLs that should not be added because the… Mar 20, 2013
admin.php fix bug rejecting ignores Jul 18, 2012
apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png create apple icons Jan 7, 2013
apple-touch-icon.png create apple icons Jan 7, 2013
cachegen.php compute stats for specific device Oct 17, 2011 make the code more robust when retrieving pretty field names Jun 5, 2013
compare.php rely on setting $gArchive in use getParam() May 31, 2012 add function updateCrawlFromId() Aug 9, 2013 influx during DB schema transition Aug 9, 2013
download.php remove dependency on "requests" table - instead get the requests info… Dec 18, 2012
downloads.php only show downloads for crawls labelled "All" in the archive field Feb 7, 2013
favicon.ico derive favicon from logo Dec 9, 2013
filmstrip.js replace file_get_contents() with fetchUrl() Feb 12, 2013
findurl.php better error handling when the requested URL string is not found. Jul 21, 2013
frame.php add patch for older mobile "0000.jpg" screenshot. May 1, 2013
har.css smaller top&bottom margins in HTTP header details in waterfall chart Mar 22, 2011
har.js all of these files are from Honza har/viewer. Oct 11, 2010
har_to_pagespeed version 1.9 Mar 21, 2011
harviewer.js replace file_get_contents() with fetchUrl() Feb 12, 2013
index.php set $gLabel Apr 29, 2013
interesting-images.js replace IE8 with curDevice() Feb 5, 2013
interesting.php standardize on "iphone4" (instead of "inphone"). use curDevice() and … Feb 1, 2013
news.php note increase in URLs tested Apr 5, 2013 add getPage() based on crawlid Jul 21, 2013
patchwork.js Save the new hPageInfo array that contains wptid & wptrun. May 2, 2013
patchwork.php make sure we honor when the labels are in REVERSE chrono order May 2, 2013
removesite.php Remove the deprecated autocomplete URL picker. Jul 18, 2013 add default value for param Jun 6, 2013
robots.txt add websites.php. Someone mentioned that we have to make sure search … May 31, 2012
runs.js this is taking a long time - reduce the number of results May 31, 2012
runs.php Make the list of URLs non-wrap. Jul 21, 2013
schema.js all of these files are from Honza har/viewer. Oct 11, 2010 move URL globals from add $gbPrivateInstance. Apr 20, 2012
sorttable-async.js use addEventListener instead of overriding window.onload Oct 20, 2010 bail when there are no pages - this came up when doing a custom crawl… Aug 26, 2013 save "crawlid" to the status table Aug 9, 2013
style.css override a style from harviewer/css/requestBody.css to make waterfall… Mar 9, 2013
tablesort.js add instructions Oct 27, 2010 fonts are big enough add the chart May 10, 2013
trends.php add Jan 30, 2013 change Strangeloop to Radware Sep 11, 2013 update new timeAdded field when we add a URL Aug 7, 2013
urls.php make the URL an actual href Mar 19, 2013 fix bug where we have to decrease the epoch time for latestCrawl(). Jul 21, 2013
viewsite.php use crawlid fro diffRuns(). Enable flush. Jul 21, 2013
websites.php better error handling for no results Jul 21, 2013