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6miner is a highly optimized cryptocurrency miner that runs on modern AMD / NVIDIA GPUs and CPUs.

  • 6miner currently supports handshake(blake2b + sha3) algorithm with 3% of devfee.

Quick start

  • Download and extract 6miner into a folder.
  • Depending on the coins that you want to mine, find the corresponding script in the folder.(e.g, mine_hns.b at).
  • Change the address and vendor information in the script.
  • Run the script and Enjoy mining.

Reference performances

algorithm card hashrate
handshake(blake2b + sha3) RX 470 115MH/s
handshake(blake2b + sha3) RX 570 125MH/s
handshake(blake2b + sha3) RX 580 165MH/s
handshake(blake2b + sha3) 2060 185MH/s
handshake(blake2b + sha3) P100 260MH/s
handshake(blake2b + sha3) 1080 Ti 350MH/s
handshake(blake2b + sha3) 2080 Ti 500MH/s

Command line options

  -a, --algo=ALGO           specify the algorithm to use
  -o, --url=URL             URL of mining server
  -u, --user=USERNAME       username for mining server
  -p, --pass=PASSWORD       password for mining server
  -m, --mode=MODE           options: CPU\CUDA\OpenCL. (default: CPU)
      --devices=0,1,2       list of GPU devices to use. (default: all)
      --temperature-limit=N limit maximun temperature of GPU. (default: 90)
      --opcl-vendor=VENDOR  vendor name for OpenCL mode. (default: AMD, options: AMD NVIDIA Intel).
      --opcl-no-cuda-fix    disable lower cpu usage for OpenCL mode using Nvidia cards.
      --threads=N           count of CPU threads for CPU mode.
  -h, --help                display this help and exit
  -V, --version             output version information and exit
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