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binary add binary files Dec 12, 2013
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EjectMain.c add files Dec 12, 2013
EjectMain.h add files Dec 12, 2013 Update Dec 12, 2013
Scsi.c call FreePool after OpenProtocol error Dec 12, 2013
Scsi.h add files Dec 12, 2013
WeenAA.c change WeenAA to avoid OVMF OutputString newline bug Dec 12, 2013
WeenAA.h add files Dec 12, 2013




  1. Setup EDK2
  2. add a line MdeModulePkg/Application/efieject/Eject.inf under [Components] in $WORKSPACE/MdeModulePkg/MdeModulePkg.dsc
  3. cd $WORKSPACE/MdeModulePkg/Application && git clone
  4. cd efieject && build