A super-minimalist issue tracker in Rails generator form.
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# SimpleTicket

SimpleTicket is a super-minimalist issue tracker in the form of a Rails
generator that you can add to your application. It enables users (and
developers!) to quickly and painlessly enter bugs and feature requests.

## Installation

Add simpleticket to your bundlefile:

    gem 'simpleticket'

    # Or, if you want the bleeding edge, go straight from the GitHub repository:
    gem 'simpleticket', :git => 'git://github.com/rhyscopeland/simpleticket.git'

Then run `bundle install` in your app. 

## Usage

It's a generator, so execute

    rails generate simpleticket

which will create the issue tracker, which can be viewed at `/issues`.

## Todo

  * Allow the path to be specified in the generator.