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Website Performance Optimization portfolio project


  1. Download the repo.
  2. The optimized content is in the dist directory. The source code is in the dev directory.
  3. Run the default Gulp task to re-minify everything if you make changes to the dev code.


Performed the following optimizations:

  • Inlined CSS on portfolio pages to remove render blocking
  • Switched Google webfonts to JavaScript method to remove render blocking
  • Created multiple sizes for pizzeria images (thumbnail, body size) to reduce file size
  • Losslessly compressed all images and connected images to local, optimized images
  • Used Gulp JS and plugins to minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Reduced calculations on pizzeria by calculating the correct number of pizzas to show
  • Reduced calculations on pizzeria by moving several functions that only needed to be calculated once out of for loops.

Sites Used

Referenced the following sites and used the following tools: