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Dec 18, 2014

Craft Help

Craft Help allows developers to provide CMS documentation to their clients directly inside the control panel.

Screenshot of Craft Help


  1. Copy the included help folder into craft/plugins.
  2. Navigate to Plugins in the Craft CP.
  3. Click the Install button in the row for the Help plugin.
  4. Click Help to change where Help looks for your help templates. The default location is craft/templates/_help.


Adding your help documentation is as easy as creating Twig or HTML files in craft/templates/_help with a structure somewhat like this (the details are really up to you, though):

|-- index.twig
|-- 01-sections
|   |-- 01-news.twig
|   |-- 02-events.twig
|   |-- index.twig
|-- 02-assets
|   |-- index.twig

index.twig will be shown when a user clicks Help in the top nav. Folders will show the user a tree menu with a listing of its Twig files (except index.twig). Every folder should have an index.twig file. The numbered prefixes to each folder and file name are completely optional, but they're a handy way to force the items in the navigation menu to appear in the order you want.

To have the navigation menu display nice-looking titles and not the file name, just include this Twig comment at the top of your help files:

{# Title: Entry Types #}

Before you add your own help templates, click Help in the top nav of the CP. There is a Getting Started document with helpful information about writing your own help documentation. This document will only be shown until you add your own file at craft/templates/_help/index.twig, and then it's gone forever!


Allows developers to provide CMS documentation to their clients directly inside the control panel



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