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1) I use the CLI, why use an app?

Of course, we all love the npm CLI, no jokes.

It is obviously very powerful.

ndm is an alternative experience to the npmCLI and here are all the pros:

  • Less struggling with long terminal logs, scrolling to find eventual warnings and/or errors.
  • All your projects are on the same view, no more multiple cd to move from a project to another, just drag them all into the app view.
  • Notifications (specially when your long long npm install finishes)
  • List all your npm global and local packages in one maybe two clicks.
  • Cleaner view of all your npm projects and dependencies.
  • Run npm commands and scripts in one maybe two clicks.
  • Search npm packages and see packages infos like a pro
  • More features to be finished and to come ...

Some of the greatest and widely used package managers got their own GUI... brew, apt ... just for example. npm got none. That's bad, that doesn't help npm itself and the npm community.

Here is ndm, give it a try before to say "no, mmmmm, no, meh, maybe" 👌

Obviously: using ndm doesn't mean you can no longer use the CLI.

2) Is ndm stable?

The first releases are not guaranteed to be very stable, some problem/bug may happen.

Just give it some time, have some patience and if you like ndm project then come contribute! Your help is always appreciated and you are welcome anytime!

3) Do i have to worry about anything when using ndm?

Actually not, not really. ndm does not run any malicious or env/system breaking commands in background, and it doesn't run anything outside of the npm native commands.

If you want to be 100% sure about it, just look at the source code, which is clear and very readable.

Then (if you have 5 minutes to spend) what we suggest is to read this tiny mini guide of sane recommendations.

4) Why is ndm so slow on my pc?

ndm speed depends exclusively on your pc/device specs and npm-cli speed. We can't do much to speed up your machine or the npm native commands.

5) Yarn?

Premise: ndm was born several months before Yarn was out.

Yarn is a great tool, we are looking forward to seeing what happens: both on the Yarn and the npm side.

Many things could change in the meantime.

That said: if you have any idea or suggestion you are welcome to share and discuss!

6) Support?

Just open an issue, we'll be in touch 👌