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Recommendations 👌

  • It is highly recommended to install node and npm via brew or nvm or n or similars
  • It is highly recommended (when developing or testing ndm) to not start the app with sudo (WRONG! sudo npm run...)
  • It is highly recommended to not rename node_modules/ folder in your projects (which is a standard naming for node pkgs folder and should never be renamed)
  • It is recommended to manage only versioned projects with ndm (git, svn, mercurial etc..). This way everything can be reverted to it's previous/original status in case of unlikely events that gone wrong.
  • It is recommended to install and always use the LTS node version (brew or nvm or n or similars will help you to manage this with comfort)
  • It is highly recommended to fix npm permissions on your machine (if not already fixed). This means no more sudo for global actions. How to fix permissions is simple and written here:
  • It is recommended to always run the latest version of ndm
  • It is highly reccomended to not install packages globally if those packages aren't meant/developed to be installed globally. You might face strange problems when trying to uninstall them and probably other related problems.
  • It is recomended to not change default npm configs, npm config and the use of .npmrc aren't yet fully supported by ndm (we will remove this recommandation as soon has these features will be implemented/supported)

🌈 Happy npm desktop managing!

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