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Serve your files and code over HTTP in one command.

What's Yogurl?

Yogurl is the simple command line tool for

It can be used as a CLI command or as a Node dependency if you prefer.


Node.js v5+

CLI Installation

npm install -g yogurl

CLI Usage

$ yogurl <source> [ext]

source: A valid file path or code string

ext: A valid output extension available

Yogurlify a file

$ yogurl path/to/file.js

Yogurlify a file to new extension

$ yogurl path/to/file.txt js

Yogurlify a code string

$ yogurl ".yogurl{ display:yogurl; }" css

Node Usage


$ npm install yogurl --save

Yogurlify a file

const Yogurl = require('yogurl');

Yogurl.upload('/path/to/file.json', 'json').then((data) => {
  //file is ready
  console.log(data, '');
  console.log(`File is ready at: ${}`);

}).catch((err) => {

Yogurlify a code string

const Yogurl = require('yogurl');

Yogurl.upload("var x = 'yogurlify a javascript var';", 'js').then((data) => {
  //file is ready
  console.log(data, '');
  console.log(`File is ready at: ${}`);

}).catch((err) => {

Available Output File Extensions






.... and others to come!

Available Input File Extensions

ANY (supposed)

Why Yogurl?

Yogurl has been developed with one simple goal: urlify code and files as quick as possible. It is built for development purposes, it's not really recommended to use it in a production environment, yogurl urls gets deleted after some time, so that you don't have to take care about them.

Since Yogurl is not backed by any sponsor or funds of any kind: we apologize for any trouble/problem/issue that could eventually happen.

Please don't spam it and use it with moderation, Yogurl is your friend.

Contact Yogurl

Feel free to open an issue or contact us on twitter or come chat on Gitter


We are much grateful if you help us to grow and improve the project. Contribute by forking, opening issues, pull requests or whatever.