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Disclaimer / Terms of Use

The General Disclaimer Conditions and Terms of Use indicated below regulate access to the site and the use of all the services and tools offered through the site and the GitHub official account internet page (

By accessing the site and / or using/installing our services and / or tools, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service and undertakes to respect them in their entirety.

We invite You to read this document carefully. and the services that are offered by the web site or from the official GitHub page ( are services and tools aimed to help people and make people's life easier and more comfortable. We strongly discourage and don't support any kind of illegal or unlawful or unethic or deprecative usage of this tools/websites.

The content uploaded or distributed by the user through and / or derivatives services is in the same properties and responsability of the same user who has uploaded the content, and/or disseminated/shared it to third parties.

With "content" we mean: any kind of data or information uploaded on or trasmitted on the internet and outside of it, with or by the server and/or service and/or tool.

The only responsible of the uploaded or transmitted content (through website and services offered by is the same person and/or entity who uploaded or shared it through the services offered; creators and service providers aren't in charge of any and have/has no responsability for any kind of:

  • Unlawful or illegal use of the services offered by by third parties and users of the service.
  • Widespread violence by third parties and users of the service through the services offered by
  • Legal or Law infringement (acted in any country, state, municipality, place) by third parties and users of the service, through the website and related services.
  • Act against ethical and / or human moral, ethic, and peoples and cultures of the world
  • Malicious content, capable of causing damage to third parties, promoted or distributed by third parties or the user of the service through and the services offered by creators and service providers are not responsible in any way or for any reason, for any kind of unlawful, unethical, illegal and/or deprecative act performed or trasmitted or shared by the users through the service or services offered by The person or the entity who caused any kind of damage to third parties and third entities through the services offered by will respond directly to the appropriate authorities.

Changes to this document/informative

We deserves the right to edit and perform changes to this informative at any time, you please should read this document very often to be updated with our informative and informative changes.