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Open source integrated circuit quick reference database

This repository is a collection of part definitions from a.k.a., a quick reference for integrated circuit pinouts and other data.

I started ChipDB in 2009, and since then the data has always been stored privately on my server. The first entries were transcribed by myself. I set up a rudimentary editor and hacked-together submission system, and several others contributed parts, but it never really got off the ground.

At the suggestion of Eon Jeong, I've taken all the data and put it on GitHub, for others to use and contribute to. Pull requests are welcome: see for more information.

The data set includes pinouts for the most common 7400 series, 4000 series, and linear chips, as well as many Atmel microcontrollers and several PICs in YAML format.


April 9, 2013 is now using this repository as its data backend. Feel free to submit pull requests!


The information in ChipDB has been maintained by independent sources and accuracy is not guaranteed. You should always check with the manufacturer's datasheets for up-to-date information.

The ChipDB data is made available under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License. However, if you use data from this repository for something cool, it would be awesome if you linked to this project page.

—Matt Sarnoff (@autorelease,


Open source integrated circuit quick reference database



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