Isomorphic arrayify function
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Takes any input and guarantees an array back.

  • converts array-like objects (e.g. arguments) to a real array
  • converts undefined to an empty array
  • converts any another other, singular value (including null) into an array containing that value
  • ignores input which is already an array


> const arrayify = require('array-back')

> arrayify(undefined)

> arrayify(null)
[ null ]

> arrayify(0)
[ 0 ]

> arrayify([ 1, 2 ])
[ 1, 2 ]

> function f(){ return arrayify(arguments); }
> f(1,2,3)
[ 1, 2, 3 ]

arrayify(input) ⇒ Array

Kind: Exported function

Param Type Description
input * the input value to convert to an array

Load anywhere

This library can be loaded anywhere, natively without transpilation.


const arrayify = require('array-back')

Within Node.js with ECMAScript Module support enabled:

import arrayify from 'array-back'

Within an modern browser ECMAScript Module:

import arrayify from './node_modules/array-back/index.mjs'

Old browser (adds window.arrayBack):

<script nomodule src="./node_modules/array-back/dist/index.js"></script>

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