The unofficial KeePass password manager client, compatible with KeePass 2.x for desktop.

Support Info:
 - Blog: http://7pass.wordpress.com
 - Source code: https://github.com/7pass/7pass

Version 3.6:
 - Removed .doc renaming on SkyDrive.
 - Upgraded SkyDrive OAuth 2.0.
 - Limit file size to 10MB.
 - Updated Box.net WebDAV url.
 - Fixed folder name not displayed on WebDAV.
Version 3.5:
 - Fixed SkyDrive synchronization
Version 3.4:
 - Added SkyDrive support.
 - Removed usage of device ID.

Version 3.3:
 - Fixed WebDAV bug.
 - Fixed global pass not displayed on app switch.
 - Added field editing and asterisks support.
 - Fixed protected field textbox display in light theme.

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