Vagrant plugin for serial ports forwarding.
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Vagrant::Serial allows you to configure serial ports forwarding with Vagrant. Tested with vagrant version 1.0.5.


$ vagrant gem install vagrant-serial


There is a restriction in VirtualBox that you can use only 2 serial ports.

The basic Vagrantfile will look like this: do |config|
  # Map COM1 port in virtual machine to 1024 port on the host
  config.serial.forward_com1 = 1024

  # Map COM2 port in virtual machine to 1025 port on the host
  config.serial.forward_com2 = 1025

  # Override sockets path
  # Default: ~/.vagrant.d/serial
  # config.serial.sockets_path = "/path/to/sockets/dir"


  • Ubuntu or Debian Linux (or manually install /sbin/start-stop-daemon)
  • /usr/bin/socat (use apt-get install socat for Ubuntu/Debian)


Copyright (c) 2012 Anton Mironov, Alexey Zagarin and 7 Pikes, Inc.

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