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This is an open project to show an example app for elasticsearch usage in django. To see a demo - go to

For now it's just a simple app to start from. In case you want to see examples for haystack and/or for elasticsearch dsl - please, open an issue. In case you want to see aggregation by average mark splitted by age, or you want to see courses ordered by an average students' mark - please, open an issue.

All the data on the demo server is generated by management command make_students


  1. Facets - they work via "and" logic (or radiobuttons, if you prefer). If you choose to filter via universities - you can select only a single one. But you can select multiple courses, as one student can have multipe courses. The number of students is shown near each attribute (course name, university name, etc).
  2. Autocomplete - input a digit to the autocomplete and see a list of up to five student names. If you click on any of them - you will be redirected to the student detail page.
  3. Aggregation of student ages (histogram) with a step of two years.

Also, I have to note that all data presented to the user is obtained from the elasticsearch, which is provided by searchly (as I know, searchbox is the only free elasticsearch plugin on heroku).

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