Just a basic code-based behavior tree
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Just a basic code-based behavior tree for Unity

Very simple to use. An example:

public class MyClass : Monobehaviour
  BehaviorTree tree;
  Vector2[] pathfindingPath = null;
  private void Awake()
    //New tree
    tree = new BehaviorTree( 
      //New repeating segement, by default will run forever
      new RepeaterNode(
        //Starts new sequence, the first time it receives a failure from it's child, it will stop
        new Sequence(
          new RunNode(CheckIfPathNull),
          new RunNode(CreateNewPath)
  void Update()
  private void CheckIfPathNull(Action<NodeResult> result)
    result(pathfindingPath == null ? NodeResult.Succeeded : NodeResult.Failed);
  private void CreateNewPath(Action<NodeResult> result)
    pathfindingPath = AStar.CreateNewPath(); //Some function that returns an array of points for A* pathfinding

This will simply keep running (via the RepeaterNode), then in sequence run a set of actions until it receives a failed result. If CheckIfPathNull returns failed, it wont move onto CreateNewPath.