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Sorcerer Loot

The quest for badass loot continues with Sorcery... no Spellcaster left behind! Sorcery follows a principle of exciting, intriguing and fun loot. In addition to the built-in Quality system, Sorcery introduces progressive and rewarding Rarity Tiers which are denoted in game by the colored asterisks in the item icon:

  • Uncommon: Spirit+, Essence+
  • Rare: Spirit+, Essence+, Amplify
  • Epic: Spirit+, Essence+, Amplify, Spirit Regen
  • Legendary: Spirit+, Essence+, Amplify, Spirit Regen, Mastery+, Ability+
  • Transcendent: Spirit+, Essence+, Amplify, Spirit Regen, Mastery+, Ability+, Evolve

Loot: Runes

Runes are one of the most powerful items you can find. Luckily, these too come in all rarity tiers! The most powerful of Runes can only be looted while playing Sorcery...