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Mod Launcher Error Resolution

Most Mod Launcher errors come from not having a specific version of Microsoft .NET Framework installed, as determined by @sphereii (the developer). It's been discovered by various users that installing .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 resolved their issues.

You can find the official versions of .NET at Microsoft: Microsoft .NET Frameworks


Darkness Falls + Sorcery

Download Modlet

  1. Navigate to your installed Darkness Falls (17.2 / latest) within the Mod Launcher
  2. Click Manage Modlets
  3. Search for Sorcery
  4. Download Sorcery
  5. Follow Localization Steps (if needed / no in-game text)


  1. OPEN Localization.txt found in this directory after installing Sorcery Modlet with DF: (C:\7D2D\Alpha17\Darkness_Falls\Darkness_Falls\Mods\Sorcery\Localization.txt)
  2. COPY: ALL Localization text: CTRL+A then CTRL+C.
  3. OPEN: DF Localization.txt: (C:\7D2D\Alpha17\Darkness_Falls\Darkness_Falls\Data\Config\Localization.txt)
  4. PASTE: Copied Sorcery Localization at the very end / new line: CTRL+V / Paste.
  5. SAVE: CTRL+S're all set!

Modlet Updates

If the automatic Localization handling patch is not installed with the Mod you're trying to use Sorcery with, or another Modlet, you'll be required to follow the Localization Steps every time Sorcery is updated.

Other Mod + Sorcery

So long as they're compatible, you may follow the same steps for Darkness Falls + Sorcery to use Sorcery with other Mod Launcher mods. Some mods have a patch to handle the Localization steps automatically, eliminating the need to continually copy over Localization with every update.

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