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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Feb 5, 2017 · 39 commits to master since this release

WARNING: Bigger Backpack Mod does not work in this version (yet).

This v4.7 update is made to incorporate the changes from Alpha 15.2

Other changes:

Added concreteBricksBlock recipe
Stone has a higher chance to give coal or nitrate if harvested with steel pickaxe or auger.
Localization clarifications
Applecider wellness gain removed.
ZombieRegenerator lowered knockdown duration.
Lesser chance for whetstone from mining stone.
Gun silencer sound changed
beaker can no longer be sold

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Jan 19, 2017 · 47 commits to master since this release

Various Localization adjustments for typos and clarification
Fire spike health adjustment
Small minimum damage buff to ironbow/crossbow
Added repair for various containers

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Jan 1, 2017 · 59 commits to master since this release

[b]Update V4.5[/b]

Another relatively small update.

New Crazed Slasher variant added. [url=]Link[/url]
Crazed Slasher loot buffed to be a bit more rewarding.
New Perk - Master Archer. Increases damage dealt by bows and crossbows.
Legendary item loot quality template buffed.
Adjusted 7 Day horde spawn for performance gains (again... I swear I'll stop!)
Adjusted some localization for clarity.

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Dec 24, 2016 · 66 commits to master since this release

[b]Update V4.4[/b]

A relatively small update. Nothing game-changers or any big features added this time around. Mostly small adjustments here and there and some potential performance tweaks.

Performance adjustment to how zombies are spawned in to reduce some microstutter.
Performance adjustment to hub city zombie spawns.
Fixed issue where some industrial doors spawned in with 0 health.
Hunter Quest reduced animal kill requirements.
Zombie Brute's "surface" material changed to metal instead of organic (cosmetic).
Zombie Brute's range and buff chance increased.
Hazmat suit now provides waterproof qualities.
Scythe increased stamina usage.
Removed unneeded backup prefabs.
Added adhesive spike recipe.
Buff to oven book.
Various typo fixes and minor description clarifications.
Scrambled Eggs adjusted wellness, added buff.
Omelet adjusted wellness, added buff, added smell.
Maniac Powder crafted at the chemistry station.
XUi - added comments for online links for ease-of-use to Mac users.
Minor UI adjustment to bigger backpack.
Readjusted the sharing structure of Bigger Backpack for ease-of-use.

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Dec 7, 2016 · 92 commits to master since this release

[B][U]Version 4.3 Update[/U][/B]

[B]Biggest Changes[/B](Requesting Feedback):
Combine Station-
This is the largest change in this update, I believe. In Overhaul you no longer can combine items at the workbench. Now you must use the Combine Station, which is locked behind Level 2 of Quality Joe perk.

Reasons for Change:
While it is true that the nature of Valmod is to make the game more challenging that alone was not the reason for this change. In relation to Vanilla it was actually much EASIER for players to grind/combine items. The workbench in Valmod is a free recipe and relatively cheap to make. Compare that to vanilla where it is locked behind a perk/skill level and has some rather difficult ingredients to find in early-game.

I do not however want to make the workbench so difficult to get, even early-on. This is because a great deal of the crafting in Valmod relies on the workbench. However I also do not want it to be so simple to get access to the combine feature. My solution was to lock the combine mechanic behind the Combine Station. Locking the Combine Station behind the Quality Joe just felt natural given the nature of the perk and what the Combine Station does - increase quality of items.

That being said I am open to feedback on this and welcome player's thoughts on the matter.

Scorched Rusher and Regenerator Zombie -
The scorched rusher has been rewritten to behave a bit differently. Previous the rusher would run all the time. Now however the rusher will only run when he has been "triggered" and his speed boost only lasts for a few seconds. What will happen is that he will spot you and then light himself on fire and begin charging at you. His speed boost is not infinite, however. But he can also rebuff himself for as long as he is alive so you will only get short windows where he stops running.

This new mechanic in his behavior should make him a bit more interesting.

The Regenerator zombie is a new zombie boss that can appear in hub cities. He shares a similar mechanic to the rusher. Periodically he will cast a healing buff of himself that the player will notice as orange smoke. I'm hoping this new mechanic will, much like the rusher, add a new interesting dynamic to the gameplay whenever they are encountered by the player and I very much look forward to reading feedback on both of them.

Spawning Adjustments -
This is a somewhat significant change I have made - in that I really need feedback on how it works out. This is one of those things where its not easy to really tell the effects your changes made to the game without playing and experiencing it first-hand. Firstly I have made various tweaks to spawn groups to hopefully reduce the amount of UMA zombies present at any one time. This is mainly to fight lag that comes from having all these zombies loading in.

More significant than that however is that I have made changes to the 7 Day Horde spawn groups. They should now, in theory, call on less of the UMA zombies and focus more on the "normal" zombies. That is how it /should/ work, anyway. This is why I really want to hear feedback from the players on this to see what kind of effect it has on their experience and whether or not its a good change or pointless.

[B]Misc Changes:[/B]
Included the Server-specific Bigger Backpack files.
Changed front door recipes to require brass to prevent doorknob exploit.
Trash bin has less health.
Hunter Quest lowered amount of animals needed to kill.
Metal blocks in decor station recipe increased to remove exploit.
Various Localization and perk description clarifications.
Combat Axe now counts as Axe and unlocks with Axes skill instead of Blade Weapons.
Increased feed count required for chicken coops.
Climbing over broken windows can cause small bleeding.
Scrap Iron Axe no longer can be used to make repairs.
Iron Bow and Iron Crossbow repairs with forged iron.
Admin Skill Book - admin item that gives 25 skill points when read.
Toilet paper cures dysentery.
Emberpiles more likely to drop coal when harvested.
Increased the player dropped backpack size so it will be large enough to hold everything if you use the larger backpack mod.
Cleaned up entitygroups.xml
Bruiser quest now counts the combat axe.
Quest Board now tied to the bartering skill.
Scrapping iron/steel tools now provides appropriate amount of resources in return.
Bolt Rifle deals slightly more headshot damage.
Unique Fetch Quests now cheaper to purchase.
Nerfed the burning club's headshot bonus.
Shotgun shell casings scrap to paper.
Hidden Walls no longer leave behind frames.
Can harvest a little more wood from trees if using a scrap iron or better axe.
Can harvest a little more rock from stone if using a scrap iron or better pickaxe.
Arrows and bolts have been updated to A15.1's changes.
Arrows and bolts can no longer be scrapped to possibly improve performance on larger servers.
Wrech/Chainsaw/Auger/Nailgun now counts towards the Mechanical skill.

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Dec 7, 2016 · 88 commits to master since this release

Updated to the Alpha A15.1 standard.

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Nov 20, 2016 · 131 commits to master since this release

v4.2 Update
New workstation: Quest Board. This acts like a craftable vendor where you can purchase quests.

New Class: Wildcard. The Wildcard class starts with only generic gear, ammo supply box, random legendary and 50 skill points. The player can assign these 50 skill points into any skills or perks he wants, making this class more custom tailored to whatever playstyle you might prefer.

New Feature: Larger backpack inventory space! Thanks to stallionsden I am now able to provide an optional larger backpack version. This will increase your backpack's inventory to 45 slots. However! This will break Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) and as such you will not be able to play on EAC servers nor will you be able to launch the game with Anti Cheat turned on.

To enable the Bigger Backpack Mod you open the "Bigger Backpack Mod" folder provided in the download and follow the instructions in the read-me. Install is quick and easy, just make sure you install the main mod first and that you launch the game without EAC.

Misc changes:
XUI changed to no longer use URL hosted images and is instead all handled locally.
Valmod-specific quests now sold be traders.
Trees can sometimes drop feathers.
Bone and scrap iron shivs give more craft experience.
Unique Quest-Items and Quest Item quests have had their loot chances adjusted.
Merchants can now sell gun mods.
Water filter recipe no longer uses gravel.
Chemical agent craft time reduced.
Chemical Dart craft time reduced.
Loki Shells craft time reduced.
Buffed scrap iron pickaxe block damage.
Localization clarifications.
LokiShells' buff no longer triggers on players due to persistant smoke glitch on multiplayer.
Working oven and sink recipes now require their associated repair kits.
Remote recipe now uses electric parts.

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Nov 4, 2016 · 161 commits to master since this release

A small update. I hadn't planned on releasing one so soon, however there were some host issues with tinypic images that I wanted to fix up. These issues were unrelated to me, mind you, and outside of my control. However I have now switched all images over to imgur hosting, which is more stable in my experience. This should help matters.

Various localization description changes for further clarification.
Crafting scrapIron/brass/lead and rocks in the forge now give you a little experience.
Various UI graphic tweaks thanks to Misunderstood Wookie. Enjoy the pretties.
Replaced tinypic image hosted links with imgur
woodSupport no longer returns nails
Small increase to ValmodQuest loot probability chance.
Can now craft the mortican drawer container.
(Overhaul) Reduced experience gain from crafting spike traps.

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@LordValmar LordValmar released this Oct 25, 2016 · 192 commits to master since this release

The starting classes have had some balance changes. The Rifleman class was removed but had much of it merged with the Hunter – think of the Hunter a new hybrid class between the two.

The UI has been, for perhaps the first time in a year, changed. It is now using a modified version of [url=]Sirillion's SMX UI Mod[/url].

New UMA zombies have been added to the world. The former “Gorilla Boss” zombie has been changed to Zombie Brute and he now has his own custom texture for an intimating and unique appearance. There is a unique zombie boss to be found in graveyards and a unqiue Jason Voorhees that can sometimes be found lurking about. Be wary of him, that machete hurts! There are other UMA zombies added but the others are just for variety.

New Quest Items and quests have been added. Quite a few, actually. While some are the standard “go here, kill this” type of ordeal there are a couple special “Fetch” type quests that will reward you with duke coins if you complete them. These ones are what these unique Quest Items are used for – its their only purpose actually.

New Scrap Iron tools are added. These are handy early-game as they do more damage than the stone tools. However they degrade quicker to offset it.

Cooking is now a crafting skill you can level by staying in the campfire. As you cook you gradually gain skill in cooking. As you level you unlock more and more cooking recipes.

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