Schema in .Net for the 7digital Public API
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What is this code?

Schema in C# for public 7digital Api endpoints. These definitions are used by and installed with The Api Wrapper. If you're new, start there.

These definitions can be useful on their own if you want to roll your own http communication to the 7digital Api, but want objects to de-serialise output into. It may also useful as a reference for other languages, when creating objects to deserialise 7digital Api responses into.

Where to get it.

This code is packaged here on nuget, and is a dependency for the Api Wrapper

Notes for coders

  • The code is compiled to .net 4.0 for use in that version or later.
  • To avoid name clashes, the folder name and corresponding namespace is plural, the classes inside it are singular. e.g. class Release in namespace Releases. i.e. The fully qualified name is SevenDigital.Api.Schema.Releases.Release.
  • Use tabs not spaces.
  • In order to make a new package version on, you can use the PowerShell script in buildpackage/buildPackage.ps1 You will first need an authorised login on, the api key from your nuget account, and the nuget commandline tools from here or similar.

Output generation as XML and json

  • The [XmlElement] or [XmlAttribute] attributes gives the name when generating or reading from xml, the property name (lowercased) is used for json. Both should be meaningful.
  • The [XmlRoot] element is only needed on the root object, i.e. where the [ApiEndpoint] attribute is also found.