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[***OBSOLETE] Probe script to determine if server full-fills requirements for TYPO3 CMS 6.2
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TYPO3 Probe

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Probe is a small and handy script to easily determine if your server full-fills requirements to run TYPO3 CMS 6.2; created and maintained by Felix Kopp. Inspired by activeCollab Probe.

Installation Instructions

Depending on your setup you can upload TYPO3-Probe with any file transfer or download the files from within your remote server. After installation you can run TYPO3-Probe in your browser or on command line. Please connect to your remote server and navigation to web root directory to install TYPO3-Probe.

Via Composer

Recommended when you know and have composer. Please make sure, composer is installed on remote server ( On command line of your remote server type:

composer create-project phorax/typo3-probe typo3-probe

This results in TYPO3-Probe script being installed into the directory typo3-probe on your server.

Via file transfer

a) Download ZIP archive locally

b) Extract .ZIP file locally ("typo3-probe")

c) Upload extracted folder to remote server

Run TYPO3-Probe

In web browser

The uploaded files can be opened in your web browser. Open server url http://server-address/typo3-probe/typo3-probe.php in your web browser and follow instructions.

On remote shell

Commect to server shell and navigation to web root directory. Run the .php file with your php cli command:

php typo3-probe/typo3-probe.php

Depending on your server confiuration you might have to call "php5" or "php_cli" command.


Please delete the files from your remote server afterwards! This is very important as intruders might use the disclosed information for attacks.

How to contribute

Please report issues with this probe script at Github issues: