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A simple line-of-code counter for Ruby projects
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loc_counter is a command-line tool for measuring LOC (line-of-code) count in your Ruby project or some set of arbitrary Ruby source files.


gem install loc_counter


The gem installs a single executable loc_counter.

On a project

If you want to count LOCs in your Rails app or in a gem, you can just pass a path to that project's directory to loc_counter:

$ loc_counter /path/to/project
48 files processed
Total     1826 lines
Empty     331 lines
Comments  372 lines
Code      1123 lines

In 'project mode' it scans app, bin, config, lib and top-level directories of your project, processing the following files:

  • Capfile
  • Gemfile
  • Rakefile
  • *.gemspec
  • *.rake
  • *.rb
  • * in bin directory

On arbitrary files

You can also give loc_counter any files you want to measure.

$ loc_counter ~/*.rb              
5 files processed
Total     118 lines
Empty     27 lines
Comments  4 lines
Code      87 lines


If you want to contribute to the project, fork the repository, push your changes to a topic branch and send me a pull request.

loc_counter is tested under MRI 1.8.7, 1.9.2 and 1.9.3. If something is working incorrectly or not working at all in one of these environments, this should be considered a bug. Any bug reports are welcome at Github issues.

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