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KeySweeper is a stealthy Arduino-based device, camouflaged as a functioning USB wall charger, that wirelessly and passively sniffs, decrypts, logs and reports back (over GSM) all keystrokes from any Microsoft wireless keyboard in the vicinity.
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KeySweeper, by Samy Kamkar

modefied by 7M4MON for Japanese Keyboard


May 23, 2019

The fifth byte of device ID on my keyboard is not 0xCD, but 0xCF.

  • Samy's 0xCD (English).
  • Horiai's 0xCE (Japanese).

So, I modefied conditional expression "(p[4] == 0xCD) || (p[4] == 0xCE) ||(p[4] == 0xCF)"

I attached 16 segment LED for display keystroke,

It was connected to MCP23017 by I2C, and DP by GPIO.

The keycodes are differrent from English and Japanese.

So, I modefied hidcodes.h to hidcodes_jp.h

For more information:

Thank you.

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