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1.1.2 - Bugfixes

  • Re-initialize any appenders that remember the resolved stream in INIT-HOOK on SBCL; which fixes a crash if SBCL dump is ressurected without doing (CLEAR-LOGGING-CONFIGURATION). Patch by Jan Moringen.

  • Add (log:config ...adding an appender... :filter LEVEL) option, which causes appender to drop messages less serious then LEVEL. This allows one to configure per-level appenders, for example error.log and debug.log. Patch by

1.1.1 - Log4Slime

  • LOG:CONFIG :thread or :ndc argument can be followed by two numbers, which will be used as MIN/MAX width fields, this helps if you want to align output from multiple threads.

  • Pattern layout can use {pretty}{100} to set PRINT-RIGHT-MARGIN in addition to forcing pretty printing.

  • (LOG:CONFIG (LOG:CATEGORY) ...) from top level now configures the package logger instea of package. logger.

  • :console appender changed back to use DEBUG-IO instead of TERMINAL-IO, because on LispWorks TERMINAL-IO goes to actual terminal.

  • Removed forgotten Log4Slime dependency on org-mode in faces definition.

  • Default logging configuration is now :SANE2

  • Fix LOG:CONFIG :backup option not accepting NIL argument.

  • Log4SLime informational message about logger level changes was giving error if category name contained % character.

  • %t and %h pattern layout (displaying thread and host name) were crashing if corresponding attribute was actually NIL (apparently its possible to do create SBCL thread with NIL name)

  • (LOG:CONFIG :daily ...) now accepts pathnames again

1.1.0 - Log4Slime

  • Log4CL now has Slime/Emacs integration, which is available in a system :log4slime. It colorizes the log output, and provides ability to change log levels from Emacs.

  • Default category separator changed to dot.

  • The old CLOS method of setting option is depreciated in favor of new (LOG:PACKAGE-OPTIONS) macro

  • LOG package namespace was cleaned up, and its now an actual package named LOG. The LOG4CL package is now nickname for LOG4CL-IMPL

  • Loggers now retain information about source file and package they were instantiated from, with corresponding PATTERN-LAYOUT formats to print them

    As a consequence to pass a dynamically determined logger object to a log statement, now requires (log:debug :logger (form-that-returs-a-logger))

  • (log:info a b c) and such now automatiaclly do (log:expr) like processing if they don't detect a format control string as first argument.

  • Automatic category naming implemented on Clozure Common Lisp (CCL), working exactly like SBCL one.

  • Pattern layout extended with control of pretty printing and other enchencements

  • Much more robust error handling in standard appenders, better reporting of errors.

  • It is possible to set a log level for the source file, it takes precedence over the package category.

  • On SBCL Log4CL hierarchy watcher thread that is used for flushing, a is automatically terminated on exit, and before SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE.

  • Added API to flush all appenders, LOG4CL:FLUSH-ALL-APPENDERS, which is automatically called on SBCL from exit hooks.

  • (LOG:CONFIG) now has many new pattern layout related options :pretty, :nopretty, :file, :file2, :nofile, :time, :notime, :package :nopackage, :ndc, :thread

    These options change the built-in pattern used for :sane, :console and other options that add new appender

  • (LOG:CONFIG) with only the pattern options, will change existing console appender instead of adding a new one.

  • (LOG:CONFIG) appender displays a number next to each appender, and allows removing of appenders via :REMOVE option


  • (Bugfix): Fix SB-C package lock error when compiling on new SBCL. Created stable branch stable version


  • (Bugfix) DAILY-FILE-APPENDER was only rolling over the file if rollover time passed in between two log mesjsages. Therefore a short-lived command line utility configured with (log:config :daily "log.txt") would never roll over the log.txt to log.txt-yyyy-mm-dd.txt, unless it happen to run exactly at midnight. This had now been corrected, and pre-existing log file will be rolled over based on its modification time.


  • (Feature): Added ability to quick save/restore of named logging configurations, with the list of 30 most recently used configurations saved in a file in user home directory. See next to last section in QuickStart quide describing new functionality

  • (Bugfix): Change log4cl package to forward functions and macros from the log4cl-impl package by setf'ing fdefinition or macro-function. This allows Slime M-. key to correctly locate sources of "nicknamed" functions or macros.


  • (Bugfix) When logger is specified at runtime, check that it has the correct type

  • Do not reset log level to info with :sane when no log level was specified. I had found that (log:config :sane) resetting log level back to info, when it used to be debug seems surprising. If you want old behavior, use (log:config :sane :i)

  • (Feature): Added %& pattern format, which does FRESH-LINE, that is outputs a newline only if output position is not already at the beginning of a new line

  • On some complicated functions inside of LOOP inside of LABELS, the automatic logger naming was duplicating the function name.


  • (Doc): Added examples directory which shows how to customize the logging category per-package, and include the file name as part of logging category.

  • (New Feature): Pattern layout %c formatter had been extended with %c{FROM,COUNT} format, which allows printing of Nth category name in the hierarchy. This is especially useful if one uses filename as part of of the category name, and allows user to configure pattern as for example (file.lisp) <function>

  • (New Feature): the (log:expr) now uses pretty printing conditional newline to separate printed values, which results in much better formatted output when a large structures are printed. In addition (nameing-option) generic function protocol had been extended to allow specifying custom formatting for (log:expr) (ie different separator between var=value then default equal sign, or different separator between entire experssions).

  • (Bugfix): %z timezone string had wrong sign, ie +0400 instead of -0400 and did not take daylight savings into account

  • (Bugfix): All tests now correctly pass with inverted readtable in effect

  • (Bugfix) The console appender in the initial configuration changed to use :immediate-flush t and therefore will no longer start the background thread. Correspondinly an :immediate-flush option was added to (log:config) which will cause appenders it creates to have :immediate-flush t property. It's recommended that user reconfigures the logging system from initial configuration without the :immediate-flush option, as stream appenders flushed by background thread have much better performance

  • (Bugfix): Fixed running under LispWorks.

  • (Doc): Assorted docstrings were updated to reflect reality.